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This web page will contain information on how insurance agents can market and sell insurance solutions that comply with 1035 exchange rules.

In the meantime, if you would like to become appointed with any of the leading insurance companies that offer linked-benefit policies, call the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance.

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The Market For 1035 Exchanges

According to the some recent information available, Americans had individual life insurance with a total face value of $12.3 trillion.  Due to a variety of factors, these individuals may find themselves in circumstances where the specific life insurance policy or annuity contract they own does not suit their needs.  As a result, they may want to or could benefit from exchanging products without incurring a taxable event.

That’s where the Section 1035 of the Internal Revenue Code comes in.  A 1035 exchange provides a means for exchanging an annuity contract or life insurance policy without being treated as if it had been surrendered or sold. Keep in mind that a 1035 exchange can be used only when it involves the same contract or policyholder and the same type of product.

With a 1035 exchange (provided certain requirements are met) the policy or contract holder(s) have the flexibility to “trade-in” an older contract or policy for a newer contract or policy.   A newer policy or contract may have lower costs, a higher death benefit, or more investment choices.  It could be used to deal with the very real risk of facing long-term care costs.

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